Junk Miser Junk Removal Services in North Carolina

Garner NC

Garbage removalWe are a Junk Removal Company for Garner NC and surrounding cities.  Call Junk Miser for cost effective and reliable solution, clean up and recycling services.  To look for additional location areas we serve, use the North Carolina link.  Removing junk is our job not yours, we take care of it so you don’t have to.

Garner is our home base city for all our services.  We call Garner home because we love it here.

Growth in any city creates a certain level of kayos, our home city is no different.  With the economy turning the corner, attitudes changing and so many looking towards the future with optimism, it creates the snowball of growth.

That snowball creates new construction, foreclosure listings, renovations to flip houses and people looking to settle down.  This create piles of junk in new construction lots, next to the road of a flipped house and so on.  This junk must be removed and properly disposed of or recycled.  Landfills are our last resort, we always consider recycle/re purpose first.

For more information about handling waste in Wake County, view their website for Studies and Reports.

To eliminate the junk, call us at 919-679-1444.