Junk Miser Junk Removal Services in North Carolina

Recycling Services

It’s important to note, we don’t just remove the junk, we recycle or destroy based on the item and its disposal properties.  Adding to the landfills is not one of our goals and chances are, you would rather not do it either.

There is enough junk in the world as it is, our mission is to destroy by any means necessary.  Sometimes items can be re purposed, completely destroyed or recycled into something useful.     Although we don’t like adding to landfills either and we recycle whenever humanly possible.  For the Wilmington area there are several available as a last resort.


The following items are banned from disposal at all North Carolina landfills.  Separate recycling areas exist for these items either at the landfill or at the County’s Household Hazardous Waste facility:

  •     Motor oil and oil filters
  •     Yard trash
  •     White goods (appliances)
  •     Antifreeze
  •     Aluminum Cans
  •     Whole scrap tires
  •     Lead-acid batteries
  •     Glass beverage containers from ABC permit holders (bars and restaurants)
  •     Plastic beverage containers
  •     Wooden Pallets
  •     Oyster Shells
  •     Discarded computer equipment and TVs
  •     Fluorescent lights and Thermostats that contain mercury (Hg)